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Crisis Of The Ego

Crisis Of The Ego


Your spiritual journey has been opening your eyes to what surrounds you.

How you nourish your physical body has been more of a focus in recent, you are also noticing the company you keep and have been taking steps to make much needed adjustments, in regards to your perspectives about a few friends.

Perhaps there has been a variety of synchronicity as well, more proof for you to continue on this path, with hopes of realigning your Soul even further.

There has been some drama and of course lots of tears, people seem to want to pull you back to who you were, somedays the stamina doesn’t quite measure up, but your courage keeps you going and you pay less and less attention to those who feel they need to give you grief, for the changes you have already made.

You are beginning to feel more alive than you have in years, your meditations are something you crave for now and walks in the woods and along the beach, are part of your everyday agenda.

Books seem to find their way to you lately, good reads that are helping you to digest life, in ways you hadn’t framed your life before now.

Your attitudes, points of view and outlooks are seemingly very different to date, than they have been in the past. One fine day as you take your morning stroll you notice a thought occurring in your mind, a negative musing that seems to be building strength.

You pause your steps and stand still for a moment asking your Self, ‘what am I thinking this for’?

The opinion ruling your mind won’t stop and it drags you further into the rabbit hole, your physical body begins to react now, you can feel it and it doesn’t feel good.

With your legs still stationary all attention is on what is brooding in your head, you are feeling angry and ready for a fight.

An old memory seems to be taking centre stage and it won’t let loose.

You know you need to focus and break it down, you know that when you recognize the Ego it no longer becomes about the mind, you realize full well now you are tapping into an old pattern of behaviour, this is what is fuelling the anger.

Let the games begin.

Will you continue to believe the thought, or will you put an end to the misery it has caused you for so long?

Your Ego is in crisis, and I love when this happens because it means you are ready for a growth spurt, another advancement forward on your spiritual path.

Don’t hold on to the belief, you must not give it strength to continue, it isn’t necessary any longer, you know this to be true.

The negative thought is not who you are are now, draw conviction from your Soul to confirm this to you, let this new persuasion be the fire that burns in your belly, and tell your Ego to go. 

Much love