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Choose Your Tribe Wisely

Choose Your Tribe Wisely


Tribe, that word sounds so genealogical, ancestral. Why is it the perfect word to describe who are the best to keep in our personal company?

Our tribe are meant to be the people who walk a familiar path to ours. Not everyone will consciously keep up with you on your journey to self discovery.

There are people who will come and go, there are people that will stay and there will be those that will return again. Sometimes it can get ridiculously confusing, trying to sort through who is meant to be in and who are those that are suppose to be out, when it involves our tribal power.

It can get tricky especially when people from our past come back into our present. The Universe can trip us up on occasion, what is a test, and what is a gift?

People from our past are most definitely meant to teach us something, everyone in our life is meant to do that on some level, that we know, but the ones that come from our past can be a unique experience indeed.

The ones that show up that have been a part of our life before have something very interesting to offer us, so pay particular attention to their presents (if you decide to let them in). The best way to discover what this lesson might be for us, is to go back to where the relationship with this person left off, this is the place where you can pick it up again, spiritually speaking.

For example if it was an old lover, why did you break up in the first place? Revisit those reasons and then most importantly observe this old (but new) person from that place, and observe yourself from where you are consciously now.

If you have grown, which very likely you have, then this person is most likely a test to see how much you have rooted and grounded in that new growth. One thing I do know, and this is wisdom that I have observed from trekking my own path, is that when someone from our past comes back into our life, if it is a test and you are able to see what the Universe is offering you (through this person) then eventually, when you are ready, this person must go, completely.

It is very unlikely that you will be able to keep this person on the side as a member of your Tribe. Your Tribal members should be only the ones that are keeping up with you consciously and are supporting your growth, not dragon you down with their internal baggage.

If they have not yet evolved in some way, it is time for them to move on and it is time for you to let them go.