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Check In With Your ‘Self’

Check In With Your ‘Self’


We so diligently take care of our car, making sure we do regular maintenance, cleaning and washings, we undercoat to protect from the harsh winters and buy the best of tires to drive in the snow.

Our house is nicely decorated, clean, tidy and everything in order. Our lawn and gardens are well groomed, we take pride in what we own.

Material things are our possessions and we have no trouble making sure they are well looked after. What about ourselves, do we take as good a care about our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body as we do about our ‘stuff’?

Somehow it seems the scales are unbalanced some if not most of the time, we so very often neglect the much needed maintenance check up we know we need to do on ourself.

Busy such is life, we are always doing something occupying our time with this and that, we are programmed to keep moving, if we don’t, we tell ourselves we are lazy and lazy is unacceptable, or so our Ego lets us know!

We upgrade our TV’s, we modernize our furniture, our cars and boats, we clean our our closets and give away our old outdated clothes, but do we work to improve and elevate our Spirits? It is so important for us to want to take care of ourself, who will if we don’t!

Our human stuff, our property and belongings, they are always on our priority list, we make them our prime concerns, what about making ‘you’ your most important priority today!

Take some time to ask yourself ‘how am I feeling’, ‘where have I been neglecting myself’, ‘what do I need to do to get back on track’? Gift yourself with some attention to important details, what good are your possessions if you aren’t happy enough to enjoy them.

Nourish yourself with good foods, pay attention to what you eat and drink and how you take care of your physical body.

Most important of all pay particular attention to how you are protecting and maintaining your emotional body, the Soul of who you are needs your love and care more than anything else. The worry, anxiety, stress and pressures of life, heck we think we are invincible and nothing will break us down, but that is not true, all of these negatives will beat you up if you let them.

Don’t neglect to check in with yourself each and every day, just to make sure you are in good condition, inside and out.

You have to believe you are worth as much love and attention as you give to your possessions and everything else in your life that you take really good care of.