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Buckle Up!

Buckle Up!


Every once in a while our Soul will nudge us to grow.

When the poking starts, along with it comes a lot of symptoms.
It doesn’t happen like a common cold, it is much more intense than that.
Often the manifestations appear quickly, but Soul work is always a process regardless, one that requires a great deal of patience.

If you take notice one day that your just not feeling yourself, you can’t seem to sleep, you toss and turn all night long and when you do finally drift off you wake up from a very vivid dream. This is how it begins sometimes, your Soul has recognized an opportunity for you to elevate and move forward.

You might notice some really intense mood swings. One minute you are feeling on top of the world and seconds later you are off in a corner somewhere crying the blues. If you feel like your so full of energy inside, that your sure your going to explode, then buckle up, you have work to do.

The most important advise I can give you is don’t be afraid of the warnings. It is human not to feel comfortable with what is happening with your Inner Being. We all would much prefer to just go along our merry way, even if we aren’t particularly happy and content with the way our life is. Our Ego does a really good job of convincing us that ‘everything is ok’, nothing needs to change.

But, if you are feeling all out of sorts, then it is because your Soul has a very different idea about your life than your Ego does. Our Soul is always on our side and has our best interest at heart.

If you are feeling any of the symptoms that I mentioned then smile, because it is time for you to grow. New growth always brings new rewards, an opportunity for you to make the changes that you have been asking for, or maybe just an opportunity for you to feel more at peace with yourself. Regardless of what the Universal plan is for you, any gift that your Soul offers you to learn, develop, thrive and blossom is worth the challenge.