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Below The Surface Of The Water

Below The Surface Of The Water


Below the surface of the water rests the mighty iceberg. We humans have a habit of hiding under the icecap of our deep inner wounds, we rest there in an unconscious state often for a very long time.

One day our Soul makes a decision, it is time to rescue the wounded child and bring it out of it’s incubated and frozen state. Our Soul knows when the time is right to act, everything has come together as it should and so it begins, the process that ignites what will become our Spiritual Quest.

First begins the symptoms of this sacred search, our mental state of mind begins to shift, and our Ego strengthens. Our emotional body becomes much more predominant, the urge to cry becomes the norm of each and every day.

Our physical being may react as well, new aches and pains, problems and discomfort arise, everything feels sore. As we begin to awaken from the incubus of the iceberg, we realize how immature we really are to the world above the surface.

The manifestation of what we have been hiding within our Self, is now beginning to thaw and liquefy, there is no turning back to the icy waters, we cannot undue the process once it has started, nor can we deny, forget or ignore the realization of our current awareness.

The melting takes time, our Soul must patiently wait for the ice to dissolve, as we become warmer to the existence of our Spirit and less involved with the icy Ego, the softer we become. Time has no meaning, we can not rust the unfreezing, pushing, demanding, forcing and squeezing ourself to excel the process will not work.

You are not at the wheel of the machine that is thawing you. It is however important that you relinquish your free will and follow the lead of your intuition. As the ice melts, your Soul becomes stronger, parts of you will begin to change from one state to another, new and different opinions, influences will stimulate your senses, and in time everything becomes more clear.

Your Spiritual Quest has not been in vain, the suffering and the pain of the melting process does not go without its rewards.

Allow your mind, body and Soul to gently shift and flow as the coldness leaves you, a new day is dawning, it is the one you have been waiting so long for. 

May You Find Truth