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Being Gaslighted?

Being Gaslighted?


Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse. The abuser will use situations to trick the victim into distrusting their own instincts.

It is a form of brainwashing, making you unsure of anything that you have previously trusted your whole life.

There are many techniques the abuser will use to hide the truth of who they really are. The abuser refuses to listen and will never share their emotions, for example ‘I’m not listening to your crap again today, you’re just trying to confuse me that’s all’.

The abuser will also try to distort the truth about your memory, especially when you know for a fact that you remember everything about a situation, for example ‘think about when you didn’t remember things correctly the last time’.

The abuser will start to question your thoughts and opinions by saying ‘you always overreact, you are too sensitive’. The abuser will divert and change conversations from the topic and start questioning the victims thoughts by controlling the conversation, for example ‘stop bitching’, ‘that is a crazy idea, where did you get that from’, ‘you are trying to hurt me purposely’.

Gaslighting is a corrupt, malicious, cruel and abusive behaviour, narcissistic people use gaslighting to repeatedly control and manipulate their victims.

People who are exposed to this kind of behaviour from someone often think they are unstable and may even ask themselves if they are going crazy. Nothing seems real, and nothing seems to make sense, all logic is denied and the victim will feel powerless.

This is exactly what the abuser wants to happen, this is the purpose of their abuse, to render the victim powerless, a narcissist’s wildest dream is to control other peoples minds and Soul completely.

In extreme cases’s of gaslightning the abuser will manipulate the truth by telling the most disgusting and falsified lies, they turn the tables around to make the victim question their own sanity. ‘I would never do that to you, you are crazy to think that I would mess up this relationship by doing that’, this is an example of what a victim might hear over and over again.

‘You are everything to me, I would never do anything to hurt you’, have you heard this from someone before? ‘I can’t talk about that, it makes me sick to talk about it’, what about this, have you heard this as well from someone you trust? If you have heard these with your own ears, these statements are psychological abuse in the form of gaslighting from a narssisitic person.

‘There is always something’, the abuser will turn the tables to make you feel like you are always the negative one, and you begin to question your own state of mind, even when you know you are the one that smiles in the relationship.

You are the one that was always the happy and positive one between the two of you. Anyone who uses gaslighting behaviours towards you does not respect you, honour you, admire you, they don’t care about your self-esteem, your self-worth nor do they know how to love you, not in the way that is healthy and supporting.

People who use gaslighting to mask who they truly are, are abusers, don’t be a victim of this kind of behaviour, not if you care about ‘YOU’.