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Be Your Own Hero

Be Your Own Hero


Hollywood portrays a hero as romantic explorer, a fortune-hunter or a daredevil looking for a way to bring courage and bravery to the big screen.

When we get taken away in fantasy we look to men and woman hero’s as someone magical or larger than life. Superman and Spider-woman are examples of those good qualities that all hero’s have.

It’s not difficult to get emotionally involved in the movies that create sympathy for the heroism we adore and admire.
How would you define courageous?

Perhaps it is doing something outstanding, reckless or daring, maybe skydiving or budgie jumping!
Or possibly it is just simply trying a new food you haven’t eaten before.

Whatever the case may be, finding the bravery to go outside of our comfort zone is not easy for us.
We are so registered to be fearful of anything that is different from how we live normally, anything that takes us away from our regular routine or our calm and happy place makes us twitchy.

But what about when you do get a surge of courageousness and you muster up enough spunk to try something new and different, doesn’t it make you feel so awesome?

Shifting away from our comfort zone can be so enlivening, and uplifting.
Somehow crossing that invisible line that we draw around ourselves and implementing a significant change, big or small is empowering, and we feel it inside of our selves.

If you let your ‘feelers’ out to have a good look around you might discover a whole other world out there waiting for you to explore.
All it takes it is a bit of courage, a deep breath and a big smile to get started.

So why not try something a little new today. Let your hair down, as they say!

Move away from the regular ‘old’ just a little bit and engage in something that will allow you to connect to the courage you have inside.

Be your own hero, even if it is just for a minute.