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Are You Ready For The Mountain Top?

Are You Ready For The Mountain Top?


Isn’t it amazing how a little sunshine and blue open sky can lift our spirits!

Not only do we as humans adorn the warmth of the sun, the birds and animals conclude as well. It was so lovely to be gifted a bright and sunny day here yesterday, where I live, with so many birds, squirrels and little critters all about.

A magnificent start to the new year, maybe it was a sign from the Universe, letting us know that brighter days lay ahead for us all. 2016 was in part a difficult year, it certainly came in with an energy that forced a lot of us to go deeper within our psyche than we dare to tread.

If you found the courage to follow the calling of that intense energy, then very likely you were faced with some very tough Soul work last year.

If this is the case, then it was you that I heard on new years eve breathing in a big sigh of relief, exhaling a deep good bye to the 365 days of many a lesson, congratulations.

The theme of this year 2017, will be all about doing, putting into action and implementing how you will have benefited from doing your Soul cleansing in the old year behind you.

Action can be a scary word for some, because it means that we can no longer sit still and do nothing. Action is a time to stop talking and start walking our talk.

What is it that you truly want for yourself in the days and months to come, how far do you want to see yourself walking on your spiritual path this year?

Talking is easy, marching takes stamina and courage. I won’t say 2017 will be easy, but it won’t have to be difficult either, not if you are willing to lift yourself out of dust of 2016 brush yourself off and put your hiking boots on.

The time has come now, for you to climb that mountain that you set your sights on a long time ago. You have been internally training for a long while.

So let me ask you, ‘are you ready to take a leap of faith, and move right out of your comfort zone’?

Because trekking up any mountain requires us to shake our fears of doubt, so we can just go for it.