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A Wise Old Sage Once Said..

A Wise Old Sage Once Said..


Someone you know will always have the right answer for you, if they know you are unhappy. Change your job, change where you live, change your wardrobe or change the colour of your hair. All great advise, on the surface, but honestly none of that kind of change will matter if you don’t change the way you think.

Listen to someone with wise old wisdom, someone who has been around the block a few times and knows what they are talking about, literally from experience. A very wise Sage might say stuff like this; change has to come from the inside, if you want it to matter. This is where humans don’t get it most of the time.

Changing up your outside world is happiness that only lasts for a short period of time, because your ‘inner stuff’ is always there. 

Change is like a bad rash, it won’t go away until you take care of it the proper way.
Beginning to understand how to ‘change your mind’ is about as easy as a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Mostly because it involves messing with the Ego’s negative energy.

The Ego gets it’s back up very quickly when the word change comes into the equation of any thought or intended action. The very concept of changing anything that might bring us closer to our Soul, is the Ego’s worst nightmare. Setting ourselves up for a really bad Ego day (or ten) takes a tremendous amount of courage and faith to battle.

Perhaps there have been times when you’ve had a little feeling inside that something just didn’t feel right. You may have thought about trying to make some changes. You realized there was something in your life that was making you unhappy and you wanted to do something about it.

You felt great about your thoughts and courage just seemed to come out of nowhere. You were ready to move forward with your plans and intentions.

Then all of a sudden fear crept in. Where did that come from? Your mind started racing with all kinds of ‘what could go wrong’, and all of a sudden your ideas are sabotaged. You lost all of that great courage and stopped thinking about the changes you wanted to make, because of your hungry Ego, you went right back into that perpetual state of fear and stopped everything.

The best advise in the world is this; if you are unhappy, restless, anxious or discontent in any way, then do something about it, implementing change has to come from ‘you’.
You are responsible for the way you feel. Own up to what is happening to you and take responsibility for how you are feeling.

If there are people, situations, circumstances or something in your environment that is having a negative effect on your emotional health, blaming that or them won’t make it better.
If there is a person that isn’t taking responsibility for their own inner stuff, then don’t for a second expect any change from them.

Change has to come from you. You are responsible for your life. How you live your life is based on your choices. Choose to be happy and healthy – or not, it’s up to you!!!!
Wanting to feel more fulfilled, wanting to find peace and wanting to be able to smile more often isn’t about being selfish. It is simply you taking care of yourself and offering self-love to your Soul.

Something that we all should do more often, and more of the time.

Choose to love yourself, choose to respect yourself, and promise yourself with all of your heart and soul that you will never leave ‘you’!

Make the changes that you know you need to make.

I’m sending you the courage to ’change your mind’ right now.