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A Very Windy Day

A Very Windy Day


I never write about myself, but this morning I’m sitting at my desk in front of my big window wondering, ‘what will I share with you today’.

There has been so much turbulence in our World this past few months, I can imagine you are all feeling the shift in the energy outside, I know I am.

Within a few hours a day or so ago, the collective spirit seemed to get coarse and murky. Even though it is still dark outside and as I look out the window I’m not able to see into my forest, the sky is very black this early morning, but I can hear the noise of the wind.

I love days when the wind knocks me off my feet. I laugh when leaves get tangled up in my hair and my cheeks flap from the heavy breeze.

Somehow the wind seems to blow all of the nasty energy away and it makes me feel like I can breath a little better. Maybe that is why Mother Nature has gifted us this blustery day today, she wants to clear the air that seems to have become so very heavy in the past day or two.

I am sure there will be more than a few of you that are reading this blog that will curse the wind, all of those leaves that you worked so hard to rake will be scattered around your yard again.

Probably a few from your neighbours tree’s will end up on your front doorstep as well, even more frustrating. But just for today, don’t worry about the leaves, or the wind messing up your hair, instead enjoy this blustery Autumn sunrise and all of the time in-between before bedtime again tonight.

And when the wind takes your breath away, think of it as a cleansing, let the wind snatch the old and heavy air from your lungs so you can replace it with the new light and fresher air that the wind is blowing in.

If you close your eyes and taste the clean, maybe there is a chance it will have a salty texture to it, wind from a far away Caribbean Island just to make you smile.