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The Truth of our Existence

What is the word ‘truth’? Which would also lead us the another question, what is it to be completely honest? Although it can be expressed and examined in many different ways, the truth is, it has only one meaning. Putting our trust in someone else, is one of the most difficult task that we are […]
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I Love You, But

Each of us has our own description of what love is. What it means to us, how it makes us feel, our hearts are filled with memories of love. We search for love, we find it, at times it can break us in two, and then there are moments when it fills us up with […]
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Tears of Joy

Crying is the most healthiest activity we can engage in. Emotional experiences are held and stay trapped in the cells of our physical body. It is important to understand that each emotional memory is energy that we keep confined inside of our being. Crying releases stored energy, blocked power that can and will
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Trust the Process

When your Soul begins to nudge at your emotions, look for a really good place where you can be alone.Our Soul and the Universe work together. They orchestrate the movement in which you experience growth. As soon as your Ego finds out what they are up too, usually all hell breaks loose.Our Ego’s don’t
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