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It Is Never Too Late To Be Happy

It Is Never Too Late To Be Happy Sometimes stuff happens in our life which is upsetting, maybe even so devastating that we lose sight of ever feeling happy again.  If we are deeply engulfed in pain and the suffering we are experiencing seems as though it will never end, the outlook of our future […]
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Until you fully appreciate the true value of friendship, you have yet to understand how to be a kind, caring and loving friend to someone. The art of friendship is a complicated matter, I am sure you will agree. Friendship shouldn’t have to let you down, it isn’t about just being there when it’s convenient, […]
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Self-Interested Souls

Who are they, these Self-interested Souls that we hear about, and why is it so important to recognize them when they show up in our life. There are some humans that just don’t share the same emotions in regards to empathy, respect and humility as you and I, it’s just the way it is on […]
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Is It Just Coincidence?

Our scientific worldview is built on the concept of cause and effect. As a culture we often doubt anything we cannot verify. When events happen in startling ways, we hear ourselves saying that “it is just a coincidence.” The notion that everything has an explanation is so programmed into our Western mentality. If
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Do You See The Light?

The light I see is a natural part of me. Maybe I was born with the light in me. And if I was, then everything I have experienced has allowed me to see now what I hadn’t seen before this day, that wonderful light in me. What illuminates behind my eyes is a vision, a […]
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