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Dark Night Of The Soul

A Dark Night of the Soul expereince is very different for everyone. I do beleive the symptoms resemble those of ‘depression’. When one feels depressed it is becasue the Soul has awakened and it is time to get to your Karmic work.  It can be very overwelming to have your Soul wake up from its […]
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I have been a Yogini for over 30 years.  Yoga is the one thing that has been there for me through thick and thin. Yoga is for our physical vessel but it is also for our Soul.  Yoga soothes the Soul in a way that is undescribable. Yoga should be a big part of your […]
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The Energy Of An Empath

Dear Empath,  I’m writing to ask you if you have yet to acknowledge you are indeed an Empathic?  The time is drawing very near for all Empaths to come forward, have you recognized the perceiving sounds from the Universe?  Has there been a state of restlessness within you which now seems to be expanding more […]
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Empaths Love Water

Water is associated with emotion, and Empaths are the most sentimental Beings on Earth.  A quiet walk on the beach wading your feet in the water is the most meditative place for an Empath to unload.  Enjoy a day out today and rejuvenate your Soul Annanda 🙂  
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What Is Annanda Healing Place?

Are you searching for answers, are you trying your best to make a decision but you are scared, do you suffer from symptoms from what you have been told is depression, do you have unusual physical ailments, do you find it difficult to concentrate, do you wish you could feel happy…. Come for a session […]
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