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Mirror Talk (Part 2)

Asking ourselves what we see when we look in the mirror is an important question. Why? Because we give so much attention to trivial matters while neglecting our limitless potential. We use tremendous amounts of energy and spend countless amounts of money on enhancing our physical appearance and give but a fraction
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Mirror Talk

Quite by surprise some years ago I began to embark on an intense spiritual journey. This is how and why Annanda Healing Place came to be created. One random day I was given some news that immediately set me on a course of self realization. On that day I heard a voice inside of my […]
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Honour and Respect

The two letter word, the one that givers often have a hard time saying, the word that has a lot of power over us, and that word is ‘no’. A lot of us need to learn how and when to say it – properly! It is the word we hear a lot when we are […]
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That Feeling…

Why is it so often we ignore ‘that feeling’, only to regret later that we did? For so many reasons we are given subtle messages from deep within, but we just don’t listen.Our Intuitive is very powerful tool. It is our best and most faithful friend. The one ingredient that we can trust without any
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It is easier said than done, for a true giving heart never has boundaries and is selfless. The key to survival of the heart, the key to keeping it emotionally healthy as well as physically healthy is to know your limits and respect them. A broken heart is hard to repair, so take good care […]
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Inside and Out

When your Soul recognizes an opportunity for growth and elevation, lots of stuff starts to happen. The Soul see’s a possibility arise when something large has come about in your life. Maybe you have uprooted and moved, perhaps you have decided to go out on your own or you have changed jobs, whatever it is
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Intuitive Thoughts

Your intuition is that little voice inside of you that often has a lot to say! The trouble is more often than not, we aren’t listening. Why don’t we trust our inner voice? Why do we ignore that funny feeling, only to regret later that we did? There are two very good reasons why! Our […]
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Listen to the Whispers

Let your Soul be your guide. There is never a need to doubt yourself, not if you are following the messages from the Universe. Your Soul is your Higher Self, the part of you that knows all the answers. If something in your life is shifting and major changes are underway, never doubt your decisions […]
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Soul Connections

It is difficult sometimes, when we struggle with friendships. We often hold a high regard of loyalty for people we have a history with. Friends come and they will go, it is a natural part of our Souls evolution. I believe that every person we have a connection with in this life time, we have […]
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