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When the Ego Won’t Let Go

We all have times when our mind won’t stop racing. Something triggers the thoughts and they swirl around our head like a merry-go-round on fast forward. Why does the Ego have to be so cruel? Isn’t it bad enough that we have to deal with the situation at hand, whatever it might be but having […]
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Drama Kings and Queens

Don’t make a spectacle of yourself, the dramatics of the circumstances are not worth the commotion. Why are we so compelled to engage in the theatrics of someone else’s ‘stuff’? What intimidating force takes over us like a constraining pressure which seems to bludgeon our will to complain? The negativity seems to
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How to Self Care

There are a lot of people who have a hard time even speaking the words ‘self care’ let alone trying to practice on themselves. Seriously they are not dirty words, nor do they have anything to do with being or acting selfish. We are programmed to believe that if we utter the word self it […]
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Some of us can distinguish it almost immediately. At first our intuitive feelers pick up on the dark, negative energy. Then when their eyes look at us, our inner feelings are confirmed. What we first detected is there staring at us, right in our face. A creepy and enormous black Bull with 2 horrendous horns. […]
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In The Face of Fear

Fear is the Ego all wrapped up in the devils clothing. Little red horns and a forked skinny tail, the Ego dresses up to get its attitude on. Who would we be, if we didn’t allow our mind to trap us in fearful thoughts! Fear causes us to panic, to dread, distress, worry, it makes […]
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Lend and Ear to the Whispering

Are you aware of why things happen to us, the way that they do? There is a purposeful reason for all of the circumstances that life brings to us. Mindfulness and awareness come to those who are open to accepting change. Listening to the whispers from the Soul will provide you with the answers to […]
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Forgiveness often can be a touchy subject. It is the last thing you want to do if you have been wronged by another person. ‘Just forgive and forget’ people might say to you, but unfortunately there is no space in your heart that will allow you to do just that, not in the present moment. […]
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Purpose with a Purpose

There is a divinity in all of us that breathes an innate desire to discover the true purpose of why we are here, in this present life experience. We either spend our whole life searching for it, blindly or we completely block ourselves from the concept, all too caught up in the fast pace programming […]
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Believing in the Universe

What do you have to loose? To believe in the Universe, even if it is just for one day. Let go of the need for control, let go of the way you have lived out your whole life, and choose to allow the Universe to take the reins instead. If you truly give way to […]
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