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Like A Pack Of Wolves

Narcissistic people never seem to amaze me, their destructive abilities sometimes still blow my mind. With all that I have come to learn and understand about these selfish, self righteous and ruinous humans, I still, on occasion shake my head. What becomes more astonishing to me over time, is how grossly and
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Vibrate In Your Awakened Consciousness

How do we know when we are becoming conscious? And when we achieve a higher degree of consciousness, how do we maintain this high vibration without it being sabotaged by our Ego? Two really good questions, and ones that provoke us perhaps to think beyond the surface of our logic. Conscious awareness is vitally
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Holistic Wellness

How many times have you asked the Universe (or God) why he allows us pain, illness and suffering? Some of us think that illness happens just by some unlucky chance or because we see it as punishment because we are not a good person. It is my truth that our mental, emotional and physical symptoms […]
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Sensible Conclusions

The word judgment often times gets a bad rap, it is grossly misused and misunderstood. We frequently use the word judgement when we feel a need to defend ourself or someone else. In which case it could be used appropriately. No one should enforce their will power and discriminate another person, regardless of the
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Do I Really Care What You Think?

Do I really care what anyone thinks? That’s a question that I don’t actually think about, not anymore, nor do I waste my precious energy pondering about it, the answer is straight forward – nope, no, never, I don’t care what anyone thinks, because I happen to really and truly love myself enough not to […]
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Pawns In The Pecking Order

‘Pecking order’ is the informal term for a hierarchical system of social organization. It is an expression of dominance by various behaviours, the term ‘dominance hierarchy’ is also used to describe pecking order. By developing a pecking order, it is determined which individuals will get priority of access to
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A Fragile Ego Mind

The word fragile has many meanings, and there is no word more that can describe a person with a delicate, weak and tenuous Ego. Those of whom with inflated Egos can and will be dangerous to a fault. This kind of person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance balances on an unreliable and shaky foundation, frail
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 Is everything we feel simply a state of our unconscious mind? Is loneliness then just another human condition? If this is true, is there still a way that we can overcome the feelings of lonesomeness? Loneliness as we know tunnels its way around our physical body, making us feel uncomfortable, all the while our
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