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A Ten Dollar Bill

There is nothing more magical than putting a smile on a strangers face, especially when we end up being the stranger smiling. We humans tend to have problems with trusting our instincts, so much so that we miss out on incredible opportunities that would bring so much joy to our soul. We over analyze, over […]
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A Mystical And Magic Forest

Nature has a magical way of grounding our Soul. The energy around us shifts when you walk into a forest, each of our 5 senses are heightened to such a degree, there might be a feeling inside of you that resembles an otherworldly experience. Our 6th sense, our natural intuitive nature lights up like a […]
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What Is Your Focus?

It isn’t easy trying to keep our focus away from thoughts of what might happen, what could happen and what if, what when and what where, there often seems to be a sense of doom and gloom in the air that detains our happiness from day to day. Habitually our mind always seems to resinate […]
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What’s Wrong With The World?

Something emotionally interesting happened to me yesterday, so much so that it inspired me to write these sentiments.  I was driving mid morning and noticed the flashing lights of an ambulance in the distance. Without a thought, I immediately pulled over to the side of the road. As I sat waiting for the ambulance
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