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You Are Not Your Body, You Have A Body

Interesting concept, we are not our body, we have a body!  I believe if you come to a clearer understanding of what this actually means it could change the way you take care of your physical structure and also how you survey your mind.  Your framework, your shape and physique, your natural hair colour, the […]
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How Are You Doing On Your Spiritual Path?

Here are some signs you are progressing well on your spiritual path.  There are so many wonderful attributes which occur when you surrender yourself to the momentum of the Universe, which you may also refer to as your Higher Power, your Soul or your superconsciousness.    It is only our Ego which has the
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It Is Never Too Late To Be Happy

It Is Never Too Late To Be Happy Sometimes stuff happens in our life which is upsetting, maybe even so devastating that we lose sight of ever feeling happy again.  If we are deeply engulfed in pain and the suffering we are experiencing seems as though it will never end, the outlook of our future […]
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