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Corruption At Its Best Humans arrive for each of their earthly experiences to evolve.    Your Soul decided this present life and so you were born.    For each of your incarnations, there is a blueprint that is offered to you to assist you in your journey here.    This draft offers powerful information which […]
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The Energy Of An Empath

Dear Empath,  I’m writing to ask you if you have yet to acknowledge you are indeed an Empathic?  The time is drawing very near for all Empaths to come forward, have you recognized the perceiving sounds from the Universe?  Has there been a state of restlessness within you which now seems to be expanding more […]
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Empaths Love Water

Water is associated with emotion, and Empaths are the most sentimental Beings on Earth.  A quiet walk on the beach wading your feet in the water is the most meditative place for an Empath to unload.  Enjoy a day out today and rejuvenate your Soul Annanda 🙂  
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