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What is a Medium

A medium is a psychic who has extrasensory perception and can interface with spirits in other dimensions. They are able to feel and/or hear thoughts, voices, or mental impressions from the spirit world. A medium is able to become completely receptive to the higher frequency or energies on which spirit people vibrate.

All mediums are psychic–meaning they can perceive energy beyond the physical senses.  Mediumship takes psychic ability a step further.  Mediums can sense spirit energy, discern it, and communicate with it. Some mediums are born with abilities rendering them to communicate with spirits since they were babies. This has been the case with Ann.

Ann uses her natural intuitive abilities and mediumship energies to comfort and often assist her clients. She receives communication from loved ones that have passed over and also from Spirit Guides.

The messages she receives from Spirit are a divine tool, enabling her to express communication from friends and loved ones in spirit form.