About Ann

Ann is a certified Yoga instructor and licensed Reiki Practitioner with many years of experience. She has authored and published 2 books and is currently working on a new manuscript. Ann’s encounters and mastery from some of the furthest and most deeply spiritual healing places on Earth are just a small part of the Annanda Experience. She offers her natural gifts of insight, clairvoyance, mediumship and intense internal energies for the benefit of all her clients. Embracing these special gifts as an Intuitive Energy Healer having many years of experience has deeply enriched Ann’s abilities to heal. Ann gives her Mentoring Clients unique insights into their emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical awareness like never before. Ann is a Workshop Facilitator, teaching Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two. Ann is an inspirational teacher and facilitates workshops and Courses on many spiritual topics throughout the year. Her weekday early morning ‘Little Morning Sunshine Blogs’ posted here on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Shop Midland. Her blogs are inspiring and full of wisdom, stories written from lessons learned on her own journey through this life experience. 

Ann received her Reiki Practitioner Certificate in March 2010 in Toronto, Ontario under the private tutelage of Catherine Tammaro. Ann graduated from Yoga Source and Therapy Studio’s Yoga Teacher Training program in August 2011 in Newmarket, Ontario. Completing over 200 hours of intense training. She also graduated from Karen Strumos’s Intuitive Development Course August 2013 in Bradford, Ontario so she could further develop her mediumship and insightful skills.

Ann has experienced many forms of teachings from her personal travels to ancient monasteries, the Himalayan and Annapurna mountain ranges in Nepal, healing retreats in Australia, Kirtan chanting rituals, drumming circles and many forms of meditation experiences from around the world. She continues to study the Philosophy of Buddhism and The Hindu Religion. The Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Barrie, Ontario is where she met Suma, a Buddhist Nun. Suma helped Ann for over 2 years, to mentor and nurture the beliefs that she now holds in high regard.

Ann has been guided into Life Mentoring through the experiences of her own spiritual life’s journey in the past several years; leaving behind an abusive relationship to becoming independent, happy and, most of all, free from negative attachments. In 2014, Ann was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Using the wisdom that she has mastered throughout her journey, Ann is healthy and living a normal life – cancer free.

Ann wholeheartedly believes in her purpose, which is her work as an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor. 

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