About Ann

1.5 to 2 Hour Session with Ann, your investment – $150

In 2010 Ann received her Reiki Practitioner Certificate under the private tutelage of Catherine Tammaro in Toronto.

In 2011 Ann graduated from Yoga Source And Therapy Studio’s Yoga Teacher Training Program completing over 200 hours of intense training.

Ann is the owner of Annanda Healing Place in Tiny, Ontario where she works as an Intuitive Spiritual Life Mentor and Yoga Teacher.

Ann is a workshop facilitator teaching many spiritual topics throughout the year.

Ann teaches Reiki Level One and Level Two Certificate Courses throughout the year. 

Her daily morning post to this website annanda.ca, are inspiring and full of wisdom written from the lessons she has learned on her own personal spiritual journey in this life experience.

Ann is an author has published two books and is currently working on a third manuscript. Her books are available on Amazon. (By The Way, I Love You by Ama Vitam (Pen Name), Little Morning Sunshine, Collective Wisdom from the Sunshine Blog, by Ann Tune). 

From early childhood, Ann always had natural gifts of insight, clairvoyance, and mediumship, and is sensitive to individual internal energies.

She has experienced many forms of teachings through her journeys to ancient Tibetan monasteries, the Himalayas and the Annapurna mountain ranges in Nepal, healing retreats in Australia’s Burleigh Heads, Kirtan chanting rituals and meditation in Costa Rica, England and other parts of the world.

Every experience has been a part of Ann’s incredible journey and has led the way to her present life.

As a Buddhist, love and compassion are the words she lives by.

Ann has been guided into Spiritual Life Mentoring through the experience of her own life’s journey in the past several years, leaving behind abusive relationships to becoming independent and free from negative attachments.

Ann has overcome critical health issues, in 2014 she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Using the wisdom she has mastered throughout her journey, Ann is living a normal life healthy, happy and disease-free. 

Ann wholeheartedly believes in her purpose as an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor. 



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