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Annanda is Sanskrit For Bliss

Bliss is what you can find at Annanda Healing Place. Ann’s sessions are ‘outer worldly’ and they leave you feeling connected with a deeper sense of yourself. Her healing room is peaceful and inviting, the smell of incense and the enchanting music leaves one feeling like they are in another part
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What Infuriates Me to My Core

New Paradigm by Annanda More and more Starseed, Indigo and Highly Evolved Children are coming to our Earth.  They are listening and they hear our sad cries for help.  Many of these special Souls are volunteering to come and assist in raising the vibration of our species and our planet.  But there is a terrible
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Patience Is Important

The Importance of Patience Within you, you have the capacity for tolerance.¬† ¬† To what degree your tolerance may be, relies heavily on your ability to trust.¬† ¬† As humans trust is something we learn to value, whether we learn this ability in challenging and painful ways, or maybe it has always been a natural […]
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