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Optimistic Aspiration

Optimistic Aspiration It is not for me to judge other human beings life path, nor is it for me to enforce my will on anyone who is journeying in this life experience, everyone must trek their path in their own way, let this be your Mantra. It is only for us to hope that we […]
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Spending Money

I bet you are really good at spending your hard earned money on other people, buying for the kids, grandkids, and anyone else that might say they need something. It makes you feel good when you are giving and I can’t argue with that, it is a good feeling, I know it well. It might […]
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I Am Heaven, I Am Earth

It’s wonderful isn’t it, that we as humans belong to the heavens as much as we do the earth! Heaven is a place we believe we transition to when we die. If we live a life with integrity there is no doubt that heaven will be waiting for us when the time comes, with open […]
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Sometimes we find ourselves wrapped around someone’s little finger and caught up in their drama. What is manipulation, and how do we cut the emotional cords that attach us to the unhealthy stuff in our lives? The solution is not a difficult one, but the work involved is demanding and exhausting. The first step to
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