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What Is Pushing You To Change?

Change, we humans shudder at the thought, what a nasty word and how ridiculous to think that anything in my life actually needs to change, ‘everything is fine’.  If any of you reading this blog have an ailment of any kind, whether it be a full blown illness, or something as simple as an ear […]
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A Singular Soul

There is no one on this earth more unique than you. Each and every one of our souls functions in it’s own vitality, your soul is remarkably singular. This perhaps is why our spiritual journey can be very lonesome at times, who will understand the eccentricity of our path when indeed no other soul compares. […]
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Let Grace Take Over

Grace is such a lovely word, it has an soft and simple elegance about it. There are times in our life when approving of grace is ok, we should soften and let our guard down, just for a moment if that is all we can do. The grace that adorns me is ‘Self Approval’, an […]
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