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Can You Say NO?

Many people suffer terribly simply because they can’t say No. There are so many sources of power on this earth, there is the power of awareness and the great power of wealth but nothing compares to the overwhelming power that allows you to be king of your own life, and that power rests in the […]
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It Is Yours For The Taking

The mythic story of our life, what fabled tales can we tell of our past! What imaginary and invented dreams swirl around our thoughts of the future! Each of us are born legendary in our own time, famed with our remarkable experiences and distinguished synchronicities. Nothing is make-believe or made of fantasy
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Dare To Be Different

Surrender is an act of acceptance—resisting the pull of your Ego and it’s distorted thoughts. Surrendering is the acceptance of what is, of life’s imperfections, of what we believe are our limitations, our disappointments, our painful memories and what seemingly causes us pain in the present and we must let go of
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