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Ego or Intuition

As we begin to open our heart with the intention of wanting to take better care of ourselves, we start and sometimes unknowingly, to invite new people, captivating situations and interesting circumstances into our life. When this happens old thoughts and programming will creep up, this kind of energy can be very
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Trend with the New

You know you have the magnitude for the limitless, boundless and endless fresh in your life. I know you like the old and you tend to cling to it, but letting go of yesterday, the day before, last year and any of the past is really important. I know it won’t happen in a blink […]
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Fill in the Blanks

When you allow your mind to speak about who you are, what do you hear?  The voice of confusion or the voice of reassurance? Either way, be weary, our Ego never tells us the full truth about anything.When an attitude or opinion is expressed in our head, it is usually one that we could do […]
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Leap Into The New Year

A very happy 366 new days to you!With both hands on the wheel, let 2016 be the ride of your life. So many unused and pristine opportunities rest patiently on the horizon of this brand new year. Wonderful discoveries to begin anew and to regard as better than what we knew before. What lies ahead […]
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