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Choose Your Tribe Wisely

Tribe, that word sounds so genealogical, ancestral. Why is it the perfect word to describe who are the best to keep in our personal company? Our tribe are meant to be the people who walk a familiar path to ours. Not everyone will consciously keep up with you on your journey to self discovery. There […]
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Cutting The Ties That Bind Us

Cutting ourself loose from anything or anyone that brings us discomfort emotionally, physically or otherwise is most likely one of the most difficult undertakings for a human being. We are so hard wired for duty and honour, not to mention that we all have a stubborn streak in us somewhere as well. If you are […]
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Sometimes we find ourselves wrapped around someone’s little finger and caught up in their drama. What is manipulation, and how do we cut the emotional cords that attach us to the unhealthy stuff in our lives? The solution is not a difficult one, but the work involved is demanding and exhausting. The first step to
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The Zen In You

Where does the Zen in ourself exist? How are we able to connect to this place, and then truly experience it? These questions you may have asked yourself before, they are valuable queries indeed. I want to tell you that this place of Zen resides deep within your Soul, this is without a doubt. Each […]
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The Pull of Magnetism

Our internal energies are like a magnet, both positive and negative forces within us working at the same time. We are human beings trying to align ourself in an often negative external magnetic world. Much of why we give into the way we live is because of our seductive Ego, the irresistible urges of our […]
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Truth Or Delusion?

“Believe only half of what you hear”, you may have heard this expression in the past. In actuality now in this present world we live in, I feel like it needs to be revised, “believe only what your intuition is telling you and nothing else”. Who and what can we put our faith in these […]
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Dreams Escape Us

Like the key that opens the door to the treasures of Pandora’s box, our dreams open the door to our Soul’s healing. As we lie asleep at night, what magical mysteries are unfolding behind our eyes! What are the hidden messages that play out while we are tucked away cozy in our beds? The skies […]
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