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I’m Only Human!

‘I’m only human’, do we say it sometimes as an excuse for the behaviours about ourself that we don’t like, don’t want to face, or don’t know what to do about? What might be ironic is that some of us that use this phrase, ‘I’m only human’, may very well not be a human to […]
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Do Not Seek Revenge

Do not seek revenge, for those who have wronged you live in their own vengeance. It is difficult not to be overwhelmed with feelings of hate and malice when someone has inflicted hurt on our Soul, we feel victimized and instinctively thoughts arise of how we must avenge, so we can cease the pain inside […]
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Those Ah Ha Moments Of Clarity

When we work really hard on our internal emotional ‘stuff’ and we begin to make some great progress on becoming more conscious, a wish is granted, a beautiful moment of clarity comes to us. These split second minutes in time are of important significance and although they come to you in an instant, they last […]
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You Can Do This!

Someone at sometime has said these words to you. What are they referring to when they say ‘this’ ?What does this person actually mean, what are they talking about? It’s all about ‘courage’, and courage is exactly what you need when you really want to get something done. The word courage represents a lot of […]
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Love Or Fear

Do you ever ask yourself, what am I good at, what is it I have that I can offer to others? At times life can be a struggle for us, not knowing how to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of our Soul. All too often we spend our time and energy trying exceptionally hard to […]
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Holistic Wellness

How many times have you asked the Universe (or God) why he allows us pain, illness and suffering? Some of us think that illness happens just by some unlucky chance or because we see it as punishment because we are not a good person. It is my truth that our mental, emotional and physical symptoms […]
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