Archive: May 2016

Have You Been Strong for too Long?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with falling apart now and again. What other way does your Soul have than to be able to release unwanted feelings with buckets of tears and a snotty nose! There are lots of people who frown on the ones that have no problems showing and expressing their sadness, upset or […]
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Growing an Inch at a Time

tree of life
If you are 5 foot tall or more, then growing an inch at a time will take a ton of patience, I am speaking in spiritual terms. There isn’t a single one of us that grows at the same pace, not in our spiritual body anyway. There are lots of charts and statistic’s that say […]
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I’m Not a Freak

You criticize me because I am ‘too sensitive’, so you say. You laugh and joke at the way I express my Self. There are times when you can be so mean to me, without any regret or remorse. When I cry you walk away. When I crave silence you purposely become louder. I can’t be […]
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Never Neglect to Check In

Everything in your life couldn’t be better, you feel happy, content, work is seemingly ok and all is well at home. Perfect, this is a great time for you to ‘check in’ with yourself, a good time to spend a few minutes just to pause and see what your intuitive might have to whisper to […]
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The Magic of Expansion

I’m not referring to the expansion that lends us to adjust the belt buckle on our pants a notch two, there could be magic in that also I suppose, if you want to look at it that way! The supernatural power I am talking about is the quality that allows us to remove ourselves from […]
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A Broken Heart

Each of us will have our heart broken by someone at least once in our life time. It is the natural course of our earthly experience, to have an occurrence that leaves such an impression on us and the painful memory that it happened. There is a lesson in everything, a period of learning in […]
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Listen to Your Voice

I’m not taking about the voice you hear under your scalp, that dreadful chitter chatter that keeps you awake at night, the incessant and relentless noise which we all know as the voice of our continuous and unending Ego. The Ego is the voice which lectures us, and one that we should pay little or […]
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