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The Truth of our Existence

What is the word ‘truth’? Which would also lead us the another question, what is it to be completely honest? Although it can be expressed and examined in many different ways, the truth is, it has only one meaning. Putting our trust in someone else, is one of the most difficult task that we are […]
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Decoding Synchronicity

Our scientific world view is built on the concept of cause and effect. As a culture we often doubt anything that we can not verify. When events happen in startling ways, we hear ourselves saying, ‘it is just coincidence’. The notion that everything has an explanation is so programmed in our Western mentality. If
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A Lesson in Happiness

As human beings there is a state of mind that we experience which some might call joyfulness. This state of being can also be felt in the heart and soul of who we are as well, actually when happiness is felt inside of us there is a deeper sense of pleasure that arises. How do […]
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Learning to Speak the Truth

From a Spiritual point of view speaking our ‘truth’, means not only to communicate with our words, but the truth of who we are allows us to speak with our actions, intentions and our integrity as well. Expressing our truth in such a way that it announces the true essence of who we are at […]
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The Big Commitment

When a Soul decides it is time to grow, at first it will gently nudge at our intuitive nature. If we ignore what we feel and the synchronisities that we see, it will only be a matter of time before the nudging begins again, only louder. Eventually, if you are courageous enough and if you […]
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What is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a powerful and destructive tool that a Person will use to manipulate and intimidate their Victim. It is a form of psychological abuse where false information is presented to the Victim, making them doubt their own memory, perception and often their own sanity. A classic example of gaslighting is to
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Chronicles of a Friendship

The word friendship has several different meanings, but all of the words that are used to describe a friend are merely the same. They all convey a sense of camaraderie and fellowship, a special closeness that you feel to someone else. As human beings we begin to seek those of our own kind around the […]
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A Substandard Story Line

Any story that the Ego creates is usually really unpleasant and definitely not reliable. The Ego has an inadequate and faulty perspective on the way it views just about everything. Unless it has been all too convincing that You are grandiose. You above everyone else are superior in your judgments, your thinking,
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Multiply by Four

Our human life consists of four aspects; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our existence. In order to find wholeness and fulfillment in our life, we are required to develop and understand all four of these aspects of our Self. We need also, to heal and find balance within our Self. The
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