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Old Love

We may, once in a while find ourselves reflecting on an old love. Someone, from days gone by that we shared an intense feeling of deep affection for. Intimate emotions that once filled our hearts with warmth and tenderness resurface. It is our Soul that remembers the endearment of the loves we have encountered in
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The Thing about Loyalty

Loyalty represents the quality of being loyal to someone or something, having a strong feeling of support or allegiance. When does loyalty get in the way of allowing us to revise our life, to bring about a healthier and happy way for us to live? Being a loyal person represents a certain amount of obedience, […]
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Disturbances of the Mind

The stuff in our mind happens everywhere. We leave the country hoping to find a little peace, only to discover the stuff in our head came with us. There is no escape, but there is hope for a little solace, comfort and equanimity. The mind is distorted with likes and dislikes. It sends us off […]
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Detach from Attachment

Your Great Aunt dies and somehow your garage inherits most of the contents of her house. Odd bits of furniture, knives, forks and spoons, pictures from her walls, with very unattractive frames. Winters coming and now there is no where for you to park your car. The attachment to your dead relative has superseded
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Sometimes when we get so twisted up around someone else’s little finger, we end up getting incredibly caught up and lost in the string of things. What is manipulation and how do we cut the emotional cords that attach us to the unhealthy stuff in our life? The solution is not a difficult one, but […]
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H * O * P * E

It is not for me to judge another human beings life path. Nor is it for me to enforce my ‘will’ on anyone who is journeying in this life experience, everyone must trek their path in their own way. It is only for me to ‘hope’ that we can all embrace the life force energy […]
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Growth Spurt

When we were little we couldn’t wait to get bigger. We were young people waiting to be old, old enough to drive the car and go on a date. We were unsophisticated, naive, inexperienced and unconscious of the outside world. We existed mostly in our Ego’s back then, worrying about nothing much more than
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Spiritual Maturity

What happens to us when we die? Our physical body vessel goes back to the earth and our Soul essence returns to our Spirit to be recharged for our next life experience. There are many dimensions in the spirit world, all spirits don’t live in the same place.The Soul Work that we achieved on this […]
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Exhale…Let Go!

  Take a long, slow deep breath through your nostrils, eyes closed, relax your shoulders.Exhale slowly, allow your whole upper body to soften into the crease in your waist. Feel better? The breath is our God given tool to help us in any situation, whatever the circumstances. The power of breathing, life force
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