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Tears of Joy

Crying is the most healthiest activity we can engage in. Emotional experiences are held and stay trapped in the cells of our physical body. It is important to understand that each emotional memory is energy that we keep confined inside of our being. Crying releases stored energy, blocked power that can and will
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Trust the Process

When your Soul begins to nudge at your emotions, look for a really good place where you can be alone.Our Soul and the Universe work together. They orchestrate the movement in which you experience growth. As soon as your Ego finds out what they are up too, usually all hell breaks loose.Our Ego’s don’t
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Hippy Revival

Hippy Era
It is just what this world needs right about now, an invigoration of the Hippy Era. The 60’s and 70’s were all about the Hippy’s and what they stood for. An emotional rebellion against the mindless direction in which our world was headed. There have always been small groups in society that rebel
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Life Miracles

Reiki Principles
Medical science in the western world is known to us all. It is the science of dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease, often with the use of various medicines. At some time or another in our life we have visited with our Doctor for a prescription or two, […]
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Fixing What’s Broken

There are a lot of books written about the incredible healing of the physical body. Some of this noted literature have used the word ‘miracle’, it is all very fascinating. There is firm belief that if we work through the emotional attachment to a particular illness or ailment, the physical body will
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Lemon Lessons!

When life gives you lemons, bite them and make a funny face
Lemons are just lessons to grow from!None of us escape periods of learning in our life, that is what we are here for.Although some of us may get kicked in the butt with a little more force than other people we may know. There is no ‘deserving scale’, it is what it is! Our task […]
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