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How can one person make change happen in the masses? Change that could effect 100’s of people? Sounds like a huge undertaking, but actually it is not. At a certain period in our life, there comes a point when we know it is time for a shift. How do we begin to alter what has […]
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The Art of Happiness

Happiness is a form of creativeness. Being happy is a gift we are all inherently born with. Over time, and as we grow older we often loose touch with this special gift, life crowds in on us.  Then one day, if we are lucky enough to be awake, we come to realize that the endowment […]
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Theory of Evolution

In order to grow you must be willing to accept change. In order to elevate your Souls energy you must become modifiable and versatile.  The moment you decide to adjust and refine areas of your life that feel unsatisfied, your Ego will become your greatest enemy. Your most valuable weapon in your inner tool box
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One Foot Forward

Living in the life that you have always dreamed about doesn’t have to be a life that you only visit in your dreams. If there is something about the life you are living now that doesn’t suit you anymore, or doesn’t bring you ‘joy rising’, then change it. You are the one that is in […]
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The Hassle of Stress

Stress on our system can be draining. Tension and worry may cause fatigue, loss of sleep and illness, not only to our physical bodies, but it can have a negative impact on our emotional and mental state as well.  Our human bodies are well equipped to manage a great deal of stress in any given […]
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Spare Yourself

  Forgiveness is a process. Actually I have come to understand that everything that matters to our Soul is a process. There is no written agenda, nor is there a manual, the process depends solely on ourselves. Our actions, our decisions and how much we decide to participate in this process depends on the
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From Outer-Space

Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering where you really came from? If you do, don’t fret, your not alone. There are more than enough of us that don’t feel like we belong here, and maybe, just maybe we don’t!Perhaps you think it’s crazy, entertaining the idea that some of us might be
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Lead Your Own Way

One step at a time, and if you trip a little on the way, pick yourself up, dust off and carry on!! Soul Work is a journey, a process that requires patience, and a bucket load of courage. I suppose that is why a lot of people don’t want to engage, it’s too much like […]
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Be Your Own Hero

Hollywood portrays a hero as romantic explorer, a fortune-hunter or a daredevil looking for a way to bring courage and bravery to the big screen. When we get taken away in fantasy we look to men and woman hero’s as someone magical or larger than life. Superman and Spider-woman are examples of those good
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