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SOS (Save our Souls)

  This international code signal is used as an appeal for help. This is what we should all adopt as our new mantra; help those in need that cross our paths, even if they can’t help us back. No good deed should be ignored or excluded because there is nothing in it for ourselves. With […]
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Decode your Imaginary (Part 2)

Our dreams are meant to speak to us. Often, it seems in a very foreign language. Our dreams give us messages but often with unusual symbols and images. It isn’t easy to decipher what we dream about and sometimes we can be really disturbed by there meanings.  Although we dream about many different things;
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Indigo’s – who are they?

An Indigo person is a very gifted soul. They have a lot of creativity, a lot of intelligence and a deep sense of mission.  A soul with a great spiritual depth. Indigo souls perhaps started their spiritual evolution on other planets eventually coming to Earth to share what they have learned. Most of the great […]
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Spiritual People

I have come to understand that there is some correlation between anxiety and spiritual people. Not only anxiety, but sometimes for a spiritual person coping with things mentally can be a struggle. This isn’t because conscious people are ‘crazy’, but because they are more connected to what is
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Revise and Refine

We all have something about our life that we would like to change. If you had the courage what would you alter about the way you experience life? What is it about us humans that keeps us stuck in something that just doesn’t make us happy? Bound like glue we dig our heels into something […]
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That Feeling…

Why is it so often we ignore ‘that feeling’, only to regret later that we did? For so many reasons we are given subtle messages from deep within, but we just don’t listen.Our Intuitive is very powerful tool. It is our best and most faithful friend. The one ingredient that we can trust without any
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You Matter

There is something unique about each and every one of us. We are born as individuals, there are no two Souls alike. Our task in this life is to find our way to the extraordinary part of who we are. The Soul that resides deep inside of us has the remarkable endeavour of connecting to […]
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It is easier said than done, for a true giving heart never has boundaries and is selfless. The key to survival of the heart, the key to keeping it emotionally healthy as well as physically healthy is to know your limits and respect them. A broken heart is hard to repair, so take good care […]
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Inside and Out

When your Soul recognizes an opportunity for growth and elevation, lots of stuff starts to happen. The Soul see’s a possibility arise when something large has come about in your life. Maybe you have uprooted and moved, perhaps you have decided to go out on your own or you have changed jobs, whatever it is
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