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Full Moon Emotions

Everything inside of us often goes on high alert when the moon is full. Intense emotions can come to the surface, seemingly out of nowhere. Why does a full moon have such a profound effect on us? When the moon is full the gravitational pull of the moon and sun are interrogated. The moon influences […]
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Own Your Stuff

The real hero isn’t the person that comes flying out of the telephone booth dressed in spandex, it is the person that owns up to their mistakes.  When we mess up, we shouldn’t put the blame somewhere else, or make excuses, we must take responsibility for our actions. Move that blame towards change,
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Soul ‘Stuff’

Being with someone, whether it is a partner, friend or relative that is emotionally immature creates disharmony in the relationship.  Do you find yourself asking ‘why am I always the one to give’? ‘I wish he/she would just grow up’!. This might be a common thought that comes into your mind
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Integrity versus Boundaries

In this World where we live, we hear a lot of talk about strong personal boundaries. You might hear it from your parents, your friends, co-workers, your therapist or mentor, all of whom have great wisdom to share about how to position boundaries and very important – how to keep them intact.  I’ve done
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Mirror Talk (Conclusion)

My first experience with my mirror was very profound. It was magically liberating and so comforting. I was able to confront many beliefs about myself that I had been holding onto that no longer served me in my life. But the magic came because I was able to confront those outdated beliefs on my own, […]
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Mirror Talk (Part 2)

Asking ourselves what we see when we look in the mirror is an important question. Why? Because we give so much attention to trivial matters while neglecting our limitless potential. We use tremendous amounts of energy and spend countless amounts of money on enhancing our physical appearance and give but a fraction
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Mirror Talk

Quite by surprise some years ago I began to embark on an intense spiritual journey. This is how and why Annanda Healing Place came to be created. One random day I was given some news that immediately set me on a course of self realization. On that day I heard a voice inside of my […]
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True Grit!

Courage is the choice and willingness to confront uncertainty with the quality of your Spirit. Courage takes confidence, something that not all of us have a lot of. There is no absence of bravery if a mother needs to protect her children. So why would that same mother have so much fear about protecting herself?
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Honour and Respect

The two letter word, the one that givers often have a hard time saying, the word that has a lot of power over us, and that word is ‘no’. A lot of us need to learn how and when to say it – properly! It is the word we hear a lot when we are […]
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The 4th Law of Karma

Good relationships are built on trust. I think it is human nature to want to share yourself with someone else. Entrusting that other person with your life story, your hopes, dreams and especially your secrets is vitally important to us. Who do you trust and what does trust mean to you? The fourth Law of […]
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