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Full Moon July 1st 2015

Tomorrow at 10:19pm as you look out of window you will be witness to a ‘Buck Moon’. It is this time of year when the deer begin to grow their antlers. This new moon in July is also called ‘Thunder Moon’ because it is the season for many a good thunder storm. Spiritually this moon […]
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Is Balance Over-rated?

We hear that word so often from people, ‘balance,’ it’s all about balance! What is balance anyway? What the heck does it mean? In the dictionary the word balance is defined as this “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions”. I suppose this word-perfect analogy is a good place
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Change of Action

We hear a lot about change. There is always someone that comes to our rescue if we are complaining. Someone with words of wisdom like, if your unhappy change your job, change where you live, change your wardrobe or change the colour of your hair. All great advise, but honestly none of that kind of […]
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Intuitive Thoughts

Your intuition is that little voice inside of you that often has a lot to say! The trouble is more often than not, we aren’t listening. Why don’t we trust our inner voice? Why do we ignore that funny feeling, only to regret later that we did? There are two very good reasons why! Our […]
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Just This Once…

All our lives we are constantly asking the Universe, or God—whichever you prefer—for help.Every day there is something new to for us to plead about. “Just this once”, I have found myself saying time and time again, just this one time; continually summoning the man above to solve all my problems. On
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Something Deep

When you hear of ‘the light’, what does it mean? When someone says to you ‘I Am’, what are they saying? The light is the great presence within us. The light is who we are. The light is our Soul. We are the unspoken truth of the Universe. Our Soul is the divine intelligence inside […]
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The Influence of Now

What good is a meaningful life if your missing out on it? Most of us are alluded by the mastery of being in the present moment. What does being ‘present’ mean to you? Even now, are you really just reading this blog? Or is your mind on 10 other things as well? We become so […]
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Listen to the Whispers

Let your Soul be your guide. There is never a need to doubt yourself, not if you are following the messages from the Universe. Your Soul is your Higher Self, the part of you that knows all the answers. If something in your life is shifting and major changes are underway, never doubt your decisions […]
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Just Wait

It is human nature for most of us, to want to help someone when they are in emotional pain. We run to the side of a friend or relative, with hopes that our compassion might help them to heal. We spend hours and hours talking with them and offering our wisdom. Day, weeks and months […]
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Soul Connections

It is difficult sometimes, when we struggle with friendships. We often hold a high regard of loyalty for people we have a history with. Friends come and they will go, it is a natural part of our Souls evolution. I believe that every person we have a connection with in this life time, we have […]
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