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Do you believe in Spirit?

What is written in my blogs is channeled from a place that we humans don’t know much about. The title comes to me before I wake up in the mornings. When I sit down to my computer the words flow effortlessly through my fingers (spelling mistakes and really bad grammar included). The purpose of my […]
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Things That Go Bump in the Night

What happens to us when our Ego gets hungry? What effect does it have on our physical, emotional and mental body? Just like any form of animal species, when our mind is hungry it will attack us when we are vulnerable. Often when we are over tired, pushing our selves to the limits, our Ego […]
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The Colour of Christmas

White, yellow, orange or green, should it really matter? The colour of Christmas is in our hearts (and our wallets), lest we not forget. There are many countries around the World that celebrate the holiday season without the colour of snow. The twinkle of lights hanging from the houses on your street look just as
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Walk in your own Shadow

What is the worse that could happen? If you decided to break down all of the walls that you have built up around you, what would be your worse fear? Standing naked in the privacy of our own home, is comfortable, but standing naked in the World frightens us to death. Opening up our Soul […]
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Kundalini Awakening

There are seven energy centres in our body. These centres are called Chakras. From the base of our spine to the crown of our head, the energy in our body flows through these chakra centres. A kundalini awakening experience can be many things to all different people. It might come as a spiritual emergency and […]
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The Glow of an Indigo

Everything is energy, it is all around us and it makes up everything that we are. Physically we are energy, emotionally, mentally and spiritually we are an abundance of energy as well. There is nothing about us that isn’t made up of energy. There is an energy around us however that is very different from
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What is ‘The Truth’?

Events happen in our life sometimes, giving us a valid reason to ask the question ‘why’? For what reason or purpose do situations occur as they do! Answers to our questions are supposed to provide us with a reason or justification, and if nothing else, at least some kind of logical support to our
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What The Heck!

What the heck is a nice way of asking what the *@%# is going on! I wanted to ask that question the other day when I took a set of christmas lights back to a Canadian Tire Store. Only half of the lights worked when I plugged them in, so it only made sense to […]
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This Time of Year…..

Is it in fact ‘this time of year’ that gets people feeling melancholy, does the Christmas season effect some people in a ‘not so jolly’ way? Feelings of unhappiness, sadness and perhaps loneliness often feel more severe at different times of the year, but is it really because of the
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